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ServiceNow, Salesforce deliver vaccine management tech

April 1st 2021, 7:44:57 pm

MTX Group also partnered with Google Cloud to build vaccine distribution systems for public health authorities.

Google DialogFlow CX brings industry-specific chatbots

May 29th 2021, 9:39:07 am

Google launched DialogFlow CX for customer service use that includes pre-built bots for verticals such as telecommunications, financial services, healthcare, retail and travel.

Adobe releases headless commerce developer tools

March 31th 2021, 4:26:09 pm

Headless commerce decouples the front end -- what customers see when they buy something -- from the back-end content repository.

Oracle CX updates focus on loyalty tech, B2B selling, service

March 31th 2021, 4:26:07 pm

On the B2B selling side, Oracle CX added hooks into the Oracle Digital Assistant, which enables salespeople to use voice commands to update CRM records, make a call or send email.

Email marketing tools sustain old channel with personalization

March 31th 2021, 4:26:06 pm

The emergence of consumer privacy laws and anti-spam legislation actually help email's viability as a marketing channel, said Arron Kooner, head of customer communications at Lounge Underwear, an online-only apparel startup based in the U.

Amazon bolsters e-commerce for small business with Selz buy

March 31th 2021, 7:44:57 pm

Amazon remains mum about why it chose to acquire Selz instead of another e-commerce technology, or to build one itself, as it did with the Amazon Connect contact center platform.

Qualtrics vaccine management gains steam among states

March 31th 2021, 4:26:02 pm

Qualtrics Vaccine Navigator will likely be in use for several years to come, Bright said, as it may take that long to get COVID-19 under control -- especially if new coronavirus variants require booster shots that are now in development along with an FDA rapid review process to approve them without large-scale clinical trials.

Digital queues avert COVID-19 vaccine registration crashes

May 29th 2021, 9:39:05 am

When COVID-19 vaccine registration sites opened, the flood of people trying to make appointments caused a number of state government websites to crash.

Salesforce Field Service spring release adds map features

May 29th 2021, 9:39:04 am

The COVID-19 pandemic rewired field service management as service contracts, repairs and deliveries took on more touchless modalities.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 adds customer journey orchestration

March 31th 2021, 4:25:51 pm

Also available for Microsoft Dynamics 365 users are deeper integrations between Teams collaboration tools and CX applications.

Salesforce tackles B2B rebate management automation

March 31th 2021, 4:25:51 pm

Salesforce can't be faulted for giving its customers what they need to do business, Constellation Research analyst Nicole France said.

Upland Software acquires BlueVenn marketing automation CDP

March 31th 2021, 1:45:55 pm

Jack McDonald, CEO of Upland Software, started his career as a mergers and acquisitions lawyer, and has built the company through an aggressive acquisitions strategy.

Sitecore makes personalization, e-commerce acquisitions

March 30th 2021, 4:25:48 pm

Boxever is an interesting acquisition, CDP Institute founder David Raab said, because while it is a strong company in the CDP space, its specialty is in the airline sector.

ServiceNow Customer Service Management grows in Quebec

March 30th 2021, 7:44:57 pm

During the pandemic, customer service users asked for what amounted to "bespoke workflows" to enable remote work during social distancing and then for return-to-work protocols, said Dave Wright, chief innovation officer at ServiceNow.

Salesforce users get Einstein ABM tools for Pardot

May 29th 2021, 9:39:03 am

Salesforce has added two features to its B2B marketing capabilities, Einstein Key Account Identification and Accounts as Campaign Members.

Customers are turning to messaging. Why aren’t agile companies doing the same?

March 29th 2021, 4:25:38 pm

If 2020 had a breakout star, messaging would be it.

Prioritizing fast responses with live channels

March 29th 2021, 4:25:37 pm

There’s no magic formula for agility.

Agility starts with self-service

March 28th 2021, 1:45:55 pm

Agile companies are pouring resources into online health centers, and with good reason.

How to build an agile support team

March 28th 2021, 4:25:34 pm

With the world changing at lightning speed, agile support teams are finding ways to quickly adapt to the changing needs of their customers and their agents.

ServiceMax releases Engage field service management app

March 27th 2021, 4:25:32 pm

ServiceMax sprung from a 2008 Salesforce AppExchange developer contest; founders Athani Krishnaprasad and Hari Subramanian won $2 million in funding.