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Magical updates to Explorer that make finding data even easier

October 8th 2021
12:38:26 pm

The year may be hurling to a close (is it Q4 already?), but we've been busy working on some great updates to Explorer that we think you're going to love.

These updates are part of our , bringing deeper and more intuitive insights to our customers. Check out some of our latest feature enhancements below.

Advertiser Comparison: Filter by Category 

When comparing Advertisers and Brands, you can now filter by a specific Category to get deeper insights into spend for certain product types.

AdvComp Filter2

Compare top 5 Brands Within a Category

This new shortcut allows you to compare the top 5 brands in your chosen category instantly, instead of manually inputting them from our compare tool.

image (8)-2

Improved Search Experience

Now it’s even easier to find what you’re looking for! See relationships between parent brands and categories in an easier-to-read list, and distinguish between entity types at a glance or with the filter.

Search Update

Top Brands Table

In addition to the top Advertisers, you can now see the top Brands within a given Category for deeper insights.

image (9)-1

And there's more to come--much more. Want to see this data IRL? Let's get you set up with .